Google Wants To Be The Future Of Gaming
Google Wants To Be The Future Of Gaming
November 21, 2019
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Mission Impossible Mask
November 21, 2019
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Samsung Galaxy S11 Update

Samsung Galaxy S11 Update - YahooPhoneSupportNumbers

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Samsung’s Galaxy S11 can most likely have a 120Hz show

The Android ten beta for the Galaxy Note nine shows associate degree choice for a 120Hz show.

Each year phones get a touch quicker, longer-lasting and, with luck, additional stylishly designed. One feature more and more coming back to phones that produces an even bigger, additional noticeable distinction is higher refresh rates. the quality rate is 60Hz, which implies your phone screen refreshes sixty times a second. In 2017 the Razer Phone wowed CNET with its 120Hz show, that light-emitting diode to a strikingly sleek scrolling expertise, and recent phones from Google, OnePlus and Oppo have adopted 90Hz displays.

It looks like Samsung is getting ready to become the most important phone complete nonetheless to level up its refresh rates. As discovered Wednesday by Korean school blogger Ice Universe, the new android ten beta for last year’s Galaxy Note nine phone includes the choice to modify from the quality 60Hz refresh rate to the next, power tool 120Hz.

It offers 3 options:

1. put off the high refresh rate mode and keep 60Hz
2. activate the high refresh rate mode and keep 120Hz
3. activate the high refresh rate mode and switch mechanically between 60Hz and 120Hz.

Turning to 120Hz on Note nine makes no distinction since that phone’s hardware is not capable of the switch. however, it suggests that 2020’s Galaxy S11, which can run that very same version of android ten, can have that feature. each the Galaxy S10 and Note ten lines presently run the android nine.0 Pie package. Note nine is that the 1st Samsung phone to induce associate degree android ten beta.

Outside of recent show capabilities, the Galaxy S11 appearance to feature One UI two, the second edition of Samsung’s Android-based program. In October, Samsung showed off One UI two, revealing associate degree update that brings higher reachability, moving icons, dark mode for the lock and residential screen, and smaller notification windows to Samsung Galaxy phones, wearables, tablets, and folding phones.

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