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Does TikTok Removing Viral Videos?

Does TikTok Removing Viral Videos - YahooPhoneSupportNumbers.Org

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TikTok apologizes for removing viral video, criticizing Chinese treatment of Uighur Muslim community

The video was removed thanks to human error, TikTok says.

TikTok has revealed an extended journal post addressing the “interest ANd confusion” encompassing an anti-Chinese video that went microorganism earlier on. A young TikTok user had denote a makeup video whereas raising awareness regarding the Uighur Muslim community being detained in China. TikTok same Wed it needed to “clarify” and apologize for human error in removing the video.

TikTok, a social media platform wherever users post short videos, has been downloaded quite one.5 billion times. The Chinese app is reportedly underneath investigation by the U.S. over national security issues.

TikTok U.S. head of safety Eric dynasty explained Wed that the user in question had antecedently been prohibited on Gregorian calendar month. fourteen once posting a picture of Osama Usama bin Laden, as a result of it broken the social media platform’s policy against having terrorist-related imaging. She then created a replacement account and on Gregorian calendar month. twenty-three denote the video speaking regarding the Uighur community in China.

She was then prohibited once more, TikTok same, “as a part of a scheduled platform-wide enforcement” on Gregorian calendar month. twenty-five thanks to her device is related to the primary account. The video was removed on Gregorian calendar month. twenty-seven “due to somebody’s moderation error,” consistent with TikTok.

“It’s vital to clarify that nothing in our Community tips precludes content like this video, and it shouldn’t are removed,” dynasty intercalary.

The video was set life once more fifty minutes later once a senior moderation team member noticed the error, and has currently been viewed quite one.5 million times through the app.

“We would like to apologize to the user for the error on our half,” TikTok same. “We square measure reaching dead set the user on to inform her that we’ve determined to override the device ban during this case.”

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